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Tribeca Bottle Openner Star Fish Bar Board Shell Pitcher
Tribeca Bottle Openner
Price Starts at: $36.00
Star Fish Bar Board
Price Starts at: $55.00
Shell Pitcher
Price Starts at: $135.00

Covered Dip Bowl - Tribeca

Perfect for olives or limes on a bar

wood and ceramic

Size:4.75"L x 4.75"W x 3.5"H

Present your beautifully prepared cocktail condiments on our lustrous acacia bar board finished with a detailed pewter marine life embellishment featuring starfish, coral and sea snail shells. This board is also the perfect size for serving seafood bites for two.

Our bar boards are crafted from beautifully striated, naturally chatoyant acacia wood. Extremely durable, acacia has a natural resistance to moisture.
Mesmerize your guests with the whirling, mollusk-inspired design of Arthur Court's Shell Pitcher.

Heavy, patterned lines signify the shell's reinforced ridges as they cover this entire piece. The statuette's remarkable detail and unique opening make this handmade, aluminum pitcher a must-have in your Coastal Collection.