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BLUE DRAGON PICNIC SET OF 4-TIN Star Fish Bar Board Faceted Cheese Spreaders S/6
Blue Dragon Picnic Set oF 4-Tin
List Price: $55.00
Price Starts at: $55.00
Star Fish Bar Board
Price Starts at: $55.00
Faceted Cheese Spreaders S/6
Price Starts at: $93.00
10.25 inches
Present your beautifully prepared cocktail condiments on our lustrous acacia bar board finished with a detailed pewter marine life embellishment featuring starfish, coral and sea snail shells. This board is also the perfect size for serving seafood bites for two.

Our bar boards are crafted from beautifully striated, naturally chatoyant acacia wood. Extremely durable, acacia has a natural resistance to moisture.

Present an assortment of your favorite cheeses with cheese knives that have a versatile and classic look.

COLOR: Crystal/Silver

DIMENSIONS: 7.4/6'' x 5/8''

MATERIALS: Resin handles with brass detail, 18/10 stainless steel

CARE: Hand washing is recommended


Tribeca Small Dip  Bowl Rabbits Gold & Platinum Canapés | Boxed Set/6 Rabbits Blue Canapés | Boxed Set/6
Tribeca Small Dip Bowl
Price Starts at: $120.00
Rabbits Blue Canapés | Boxed Set/6
Price Starts at: $135.00

Covered Dip Bowl - Tribeca

Perfect for olives or limes on a bar

wood and ceramic

Size:4.75"L x 4.75"W x 3.5"H

Rabbits Gold & Platinum Canapés

Boxed Set/6

Dimensions: 6.25" diameter, .75" height
Hand wash; do not microwave.

Rabbits Blue Canapés Mixed Boxed Set

Boxed Set/6

Dimensions: 6.25" diameter, .75" height
Hand wash; do not microwave

Coastal Wood Cheese Pedestal Coastal Beverage Server
Coastal Wood Cheese Pedestal
Price Starts at: $185.00
Coastal Beverage Server
Price Starts at: $215.00
Ahoy, mates! Everyone will have a jolly good time at any party when you present a cheese service or fancy dessert on Arthur Court's Coastal Pedestal Stand.

Amazingly detailed scallop shells and coral branches stand out against a highly polished signature aluminum alloy background, ringing the stand. The sea shell and coral embellishments are textural and lightly antiqued to bring out the delicate detailing. A round, 13-inch diameter, chatoyant Acacia board fits well into the ring and removes for easy cleaning.

We suggest you oil the board one time before using your new serving tray using food grade mineral oil. Brush on a thick coat of oil, let it sit overnight and then wipe away thoroughly. Your board will be prepared for years of service. Oil one or more times yearly to keep the board in excellent condition.
Bring home the spirit of the sea with Arthur Court's Coastal Beverage Server.

As if a wave washed up all of the ocean's creatures, sea horses act as the base's legs, while clams and other shellfish latch onto both ends of the server. The handmade, aluminum designs display a brilliant luster against the glass.