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Deborah Dean Home

Our History

I opened my first store, The Proud American Antique Company, in Georgetown, Washington,DC in 1995 I went in every day and just sat waiting for someone to walk in. Then a very smart local artist and dealer, David Bell, suggested that I rename the store to Gore Dean- business increased by 300%. I learned to listen.And I learned so much from the antiques dealers and designers who frequented my store and became like family in DC. Designers like Thomas Pheasant, Barry Dixon and Solis Betancourt were inspirations. They set the bar. And as their projects became staples in the industry media- they took us along for the ride. The original GoreDean stores in Washington DC were truly special places and we still maintain great relationships with customers today. But our life took a turn...

Parents took ill and moved in. We had a baby and the economy took a downturn. The baby grew up trying many things. But the thing she decided to get really good at (squash)- took us away from DC and to Baltimore. We said what the heck and moved. We opened a beautiful store in Mt Washington and it too made its way into Architectural Digest and House Beautiful among others. Then one day it started to rain and did not stop until it was 31 inches high in our store and absolutely everything was lost. FEMA put a chain through the door and we could not enter to salvage anything- finally 10 cents on the dollar and trucks dumping millions of dollars in antiques and linens, and stationery and china into dump trucks...it seemed like the end but no....

What do you at home for months waiting for your 10 cents on the dollar? You work on a killer website, line up your loyal vendors and start again. So for the last several years, I have directed the GoreDeanHome.com website and its sister stores. I have designed and built several brick and mortar stores for other companies.

Now I have the opportunity to be the Director of Design for a new EDITED site, named for me. I welcome this new Chapter in my career and look forward to introducing the three things that I see lacking in on line sales.

1. Customer service
2. Editing
3. Consistency